A Few Tips For Caring For Your Vintage Car

Vintage cars can have a charm and beauty that makes them extremely valuable to many people. Unfortunately, it can be common for new owners of vintage cars to be fairly uninformed about the type of care that a vintage care will require. If this is an aspect of owning a vintage car that you do not have much experience doing, you will likely benefit from the following few vintage auto care tips. [Read More]

Ways To Prevent Your Car From Rusting

Rust is the skin cancer of your vehicle, and often it creeps up without you even noticing. The best to deal with rust, though, is to prevent it from ever occurring in the first place. Here are some suggestions for keeping your car rust-free during its lifetime -- even as it gets older. 1. Wash your car. This is the simplest and most important advice. Wash your car. If you can't afford to do it every week, try for twice a month. [Read More]

Help For Choosing A General Purpose Utility Trailer`

Shopping for a utility trailer, whether new or used, requires some planning and research. You need to consider every possible use you may have for the trailer, along with any issues you may foresee. The following guide can help you pick out the best trailer for your needs. Do you need to cover your load? Enclosed versus open is the primary concern with any new purchase. While some needs for an enclosed trailer are obvious, such as if you need one for livestock, others can be more challenging to determine. [Read More]

Troubleshoot Your Clutch On Your Manual Transmission

When you drive a manual transmission, you have a little more to think about. One of those elements is your clutch, and there are various reasons for it to break. To help fix it quickly, it's worth troubleshooting the problem and here are four steps to help you do that. Does Your Clutch Go to the Floor Quickly?  You should get some push against your clutch when using it, after the first inch or so. [Read More]